BTS first K-pop band to top Billboard album charts

South Korean performers such as Psy — whose 2012 hit « Gangnam Style » became the first video to top a billion views on YouTube — have previously broken into Western markets, but none have achieved BTS’ sustained success. If you were on Instagram at all this year, chances are you may have encountered some videos about soap, a bizarre phenomenon called the Fortnite dance or post your links here a certain Korean pop band. BTS has topped the Billboard 200 on three occasions — a record for a South Korean group — and if their new album becomes number one, they will become the first group to lead the chart on four occasions in two years since the Beatles.

It was « impossible at this time to predict the scale of the outbreak », it said, creating uncertainty over the movement of staff, equipment and fans, making the cancellation « unavoidable », it said. BTS will take their « first official long-term break since their debut » six years ago, accessible links managers Big Hit Entertainment said, adding it will be on me will be a time to « recharge and refresh as musicians and creators ». « LOVE YOURSELF » 투어 티저 포스터 BTS on America’s Got Talent  BTS gave tour ticket-holders a sneak peak of what was to come when they performed their newest release IDOL on America’s Got Talent after host Tyra Banks asked them to come on the show, with Jimin becoming a fast fan favourite.

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